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The Fortress of Komárno is the biggest historical monument of the city. This unique Fortress is part of the most extensive fortification system in Central Europe, which extends over the territories of the Slovak Republic and Hungary.

The oldest part, the so-called Old Fortress, was built in the 16th century on the site of a medieval castle. In the 17th century, it was expanded by the so-called New Fortress. After it was shaken by two strong earthquakes in the 18th century, the Fortress lost its military character. However, as a result of the military campaigns of the French Emperor Napoleon I, it was rebuilt, modernized and expanded in the early 19th century into the most extensive fortification system of the Austrio-Hungarian Monarchy, which was to accommodate an army of up to 200,000 soldiers if necessary.

The Fortress retained its military function even after the end of the Monarchy, until 2003, when it became the property of the city of Komárno. Since then, it has been gradually restored and its gates are open to the general public throughout the year. Learn more information about the history of the Fortress and the possibilities of visiting it HERE.