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I also hope to meet you soon in person at the main historical square of our town, or at the statue of well – known personalities connected with Komárno. By all means you must see one of the most significant fortification complexes of Europe, the Old and New Fortress and with this connected bastion system with Roman lapidary.  It is recommendable to see the building complex with combined architectural style of the continent, the Europe Place, as well as permanent and temporary exhibitions of the Danube Region Museum. 

You can taste both of Hungarian and Slovak flavours in Komárno, and to this town related winemakers are boasted on the faraway land. It is recommendable to take a dip in our thermal bath’s water, which rivals with the best health spas of Central Europe. Have a rest in comfortable accommodations you can roam the sights of the countryside by bike. We are proud, that over the past years, nearly 50 kilometres of cycle path was built in this region along the two big European rivers, the Danube and the Waag.  

Give it a try, be our guests. We are waiting for you!

Komárno is where the history reaches out a hand.


Komarno, situated at the confluence of the rivers Vah and Danube at the height of 108-115 meters, is one of the oldest settlements in the Carpathian basin. It is a town with rich history. Its territory has been systematically inhabited since the Early Bronze Age.

First, the Celts lived here then the Romans who built up a military camp and the town of Brigetio on the right bank of the river Danube and on the northern bank of the river its fortified bridgehead – Celemantia. In the Early Middle Ages – during the movement of Nations – the territory of Komarno was inhabited by the Avars for a longer period of time. These Nomads from Central Asia ruled the Carpathian basin from 568 for nearly 250 years. From this period there were 8 burial places discovered in the territory of Komarno with various materials reflecting the habits of the Avars. More..